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Installing a swimming pool in your home is exciting, but it’s also an expensive and complicated process. It requires ample planning, research and time. Our partners at We researched the best pool builders in Waco to help you dive into the pool ownership experience.

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    Anthony & Sylvan Pools
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Concrete & fiberglass pools
    • Online pool gallery
    • Lifetime structural warranty
    • Stellar customer service

    Build your dream pool!

    Visit Website (855) 894-5542 Read More
    Blue World Pools
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Get a free quote online
    • Installation services included
    • Econoline, Midline & Classic pools
    • Several different financing options available

    Blue World Pools provides both above-ground and in-ground pools. The company headquarters are in Nevada and they have been helping families and individuals install new pools for over 12 years.

    Visit Website (888) 955-1004 Read More
    Jandy Pro Series
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Professional grade pool equipment
    • Product warranties available
    • Reach customer support via chat, phone or email
    • Register your products online for best customer service

    Jandy Pro Series is a pool and spa product brand headquartered in Vista, California and founded in1958. In 2007, Jandy became a member of the Zodiac Pool Systems family of brands. Jandy offers a full line of professional-grade pool and spa equipment including pumps, filters, valves, lights, automation systems and more.

    Visit Website (800) 822-7933 Read More
    Ultimate Poolscapes
    • Family-owned & operated full-service pool company
    • Specializes in custom pool design, remodels & pool maintenance
    • Team members have CPO (Certified Pool Operator) certification
    • Offers Pentair products
    5900 Franklin Ave., Ste. 40
    Waco, TX 76710
    (877) 305-7665
    Read More
    Crystal Clear Pools
    • BBB accredited with A+ rating
    • Equipment warranties on all installations
    • Specializes in custom concrete in-ground pool & spa
    • Master Pools Guild member
    7304 Rosenthal Pkwy.
    Lorena, TX 76655
    (254) 881-1998
    Read More
    Aquanauts Custom Pools & Pool Supplies
    • Designs & builds custom in-ground pools
    • Offers pool cleaning, parts, repairs & regular maintenance
    • Earn $500 with a referral
    • APSP member
    215 S. Frontage Rd.
    Lorena, TX 76655
    (800) 822-7933
    Read More
    Heart of Texas Pool & Spa
    • M-F: 9am - 5:30pm
    • Sat: 10am - 2pm
    • Closed Sun
    • wacopoolstore.com
    7023 Sanger Ave.
    Waco, TX 76710
    (254) 772-9667
    Waco Pool Builders
    • M-F: 9am - 5pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • wacopoolbuilders.com
    602 Columbus Ave.
    Waco, TX 76701
    (254) 206-2052
    Brandycrete Construction
    • Open 24 hours
    • brandycrete.com
    1498 E. Central
    Lorena, TX 76655
    (254) 227-4478
    Elite Pools of Central Texas
    • Hours unavailable
    • wacopoolcompany.com
    1887 W. Tate Ave.
    Robinson, TX 76706
    (254) 644-5465
    Swimco Pools
    • M-F: 8am - 5pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • swimcopoolsinc.com
    510 S. Robinson Dr.
    Robinson, TX 76706
    (254) 662-4441
    Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins
    • M-F: 8am - 5pm
    • Sat: 9am - 2pm
    • Closed Sun
    • lewakins.com
    2606 S. I-35
    Belton, TX 76513
    (254) 933-8370
    Costa Pool and Spa
    • M-F: 9am - 5:30pm
    • Sat: 10am - 2pm
    • Closed Sun
    • costapoolandspa.com
    1404 N. Main St.
    Belton, TX 76513
    (254) 831-5003

    Pool design and installation in Waco

    Waco skyline

    Backyard swimming pools help beat Waco’s notorious summer heat while adding long-term value to your home. Installing a pool can increase the value of your home by 7 percent, which helps offset the cost and makes it a smart, long-term investment as well as a great short-term feature. However, not all homebuyers want a swimming pool, which can make homes with inground pools harder to sell.

    Costs and features of inground vs. above ground pools in Waco

    There are two options for residential pools in Waco: inground and above ground. To decide which is right for you, you should weigh a few factors:

    • Do you want a long-term, value-adding feature? Inground pools last longer and add property value to your home, while above ground pools are easier to remove if you want to make your home appealing to buyers who don’t want a swimming pool.
    • What is your budget? Building an inground pool is more expensive than installing an above ground pool, but the value offsets of the upfront costs for many homeowners.
    • How will you use it? Above ground pools are great for spending time with friends and family, but the smaller sizes of these pools make them less appealing for swimming laps. Above ground pools are also not appropriate for diving.

    Many areas in and around Waco, such as Woodway or Hewitt, have large lots and backyards that are ideal for inground pools. But if you live in the city, like in the Austin Avenue or Brookview neighborhoods, an above ground pool may be a better option due to its smaller size.

    Here’s a comparison for these two options for pool installation in Waco:

    Pros and cons of in-ground and above ground swimming pools in Waco

    Inground pool Above ground pool
    • More variety in styles
    • Longer lasting
    • Cheaper and quicker installation
    • Easier maintenance
    • More expensive
    • Requires more maintenance
    • Fewer customization options
    • Smaller sizes
    Best for...
    • Adding long-term value to your home
    • Creating a landscaping centerpiece
    • Non-permanent locations
    • Wading and relaxing
    • Diving boards
    • Landscaped patios
    • Wrap-around decks
    • Ladders
    Average cost of installation $25,000 - $85,000 $2,000 - $15,000

    Above ground pools have a steel or aluminum outer wall with a vinyl liner. There are more options available for building inground pools, including concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. The material you choose plays a crucial role in how much your pool costs, both initially and over time.

    Vinyl: Inexpensive but high maintenance

    Vinyl pools are the cheapest option but have more maintenance costs than other inground pools. The vinyl liner must be replaced every six to 12 years, and there is room for algae growth where the plastic attaches to vinyl, which leads to more hands-on cleaning. Vinyl pools are fairly customizable.

    Concrete: Long-lasting and customizable

    Concrete pools are the most expensive option but have unlimited options for size, design and shape. They are the easiest to customize and extremely durable. Concrete is a porous material, however, and these pools require the most maintenance for pH balance and algae removal.

    Fiberglass: Straightforward design and maintenance

    Fiberglass pools are very low maintenance because of their virtually non-porous design and are extremely long-lasting. While you must choose from prebuilt manufacturer designs, which they aren’t very customizable, this simplifies and streamlines the installation process.

    What other costs will I face installing a pool in Waco?

    In addition to the cost of your pool, other expenses you may have include:


    Texas requires all residential pools to be surrounded by a fence to prevent accidents. For above ground pools, homeowners may also be required to have a surrounding deck for safety, depending on the pool’s design. Besides required improvements, many people choose to build patios for inground pools and wrap-around decks for above ground pools to create a gathering area for social events.


    Both inground and above ground pools require you skim and vacuum the water, maintain the water’s chemical balance and perform general maintenance. A few common pool supplies you need are:

    • Chemical test kit and balancers
    • Telescoping pole
    • Pool net and leaf rake
    • Vacuum
    • Algae brush
    • Pool cover

    Choosing a pool builder in Waco

    If you’re concerned about making these decisions by yourself, rest assured: Many swimming pool installers in Waco work directly with you to decide which option is the best for your home and budget. Your installer also ensures everything is up to code and keeps up with Waco ordinances, saving you the headache.

    When contacting pool companies in Waco, create a list of questions. Some things you might ask include:

    • How much experience do you have?
    • Approximately how long will the work take?
    • When would you be able to start?
    • What materials do you use?
    • Do you design custom pools?
    • What warranties do you offer?

    Make sure your contractor is licensed in all the required areas, such as concrete, plumbing and foundation work. Finding a trusted pool contractor in Waco to build your pool is an important step that prevents stress and saves money in the long run.

    Pool Builders Reviews

    Anthony & Sylvan Pools

    Anthony & Sylvan Pools has been building swimming pools across the U.S. for more than 70 years. Every pool is crafted by skilled artisans and backed by a lifetime structural warranty. The company focuses on inground pools with custom designs. Waco reviewers appreciate the company’s knowledgeable project managers and excellent customer service.

    Anthony & Sylvan Pools Visit Website (855) 894-5542

    Blue World Pools

    Blue World Pools has been building above ground pools for every home and budget since 2001. The company provides financing options for Waco residents and can have your swimming pool installed in a matter of days. Waco customers appreciate the company’s no-pressure sales tactics, informative representatives and commitment to durable products.

    Blue World Pools Visit Website (888) 955-1004

    Jandy Pro Series

    Jandy Pro Series can help your pool function at its highest potential. Jandy Pro Series state-of-the-art pool equipment works with all pool types and, because its qualified pool professionals are up-to-date with Waco codes, they can easily secure what you need. Parts include limited warranties to keep you covered long-term.

    Jandy Pro Series Visit Website (800) 822-7933

    Ultimate Poolscapes

    Ultimate Poolscapes is a family-owned and -operated company based in Waco. The company offers everything from maintenance to full construction, and all team members are certified and experienced. Reviews from Waco customers state that Ultimate Poolscapes provides beautiful pool designs and top-notch service.

    Ultimate Poolscapes

    Crystal Clear Pools

    At Crystal Clear Pools, all pools come with a free analysis and customized design plan. The company’s owner supervises each stage personally to ensure the highest quality of service. Crystal Clear Pools is a member of the Master Pools Guild, a network of pool builders across the globe. Waco customers praise the guidance and advice provided by the company’s employees.

    Crystal Clear Pools

    Aquanauts Custom Pools & Pool Supplies

    Aquanauts offers free estimates and creates unique, personalized designs based on your needs and budget. The company constructs features such as swim-up bars, custom fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. Aquanauts is a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Waco customers appreciate the company’s effective communication and original designs.

    Aquanauts Custom Pools & Pool Supplies