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Find the Best Personal Loans in Waco, TX

A personal loan allows you to borrow up to thousands of dollars and make fixed payments back to a lender over time. We researched the best personal loans in Waco so you find a company with an easy application process, competitive rates, low fees and clear terms, including freedom to spend the money how you choose.

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Personal Loan Pro
  • Loans up to $50,000
  • Funds within one business day
  • Evaluate multiple lenders
  • Available in Waco and nationwide
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Best Egg
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Loans from $2,000 to $35,000
  • Check rates online
  • Available in Waco
  • Money deposited in as little as 24 hours

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Waco
  • Terms from 2-5 years
  • Same-day loan decisions
  • Loans from $7,500 to $40,000

FreedomPlus is an online loan broker that provides loans from $7,500 to $40,000. Get approved in less than a day, and you could receive funds in as little as 48 hours.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Waco
  • No collateral required
  • Loans up from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Minimum FICO score: 620

NetCredit is a personal loan company offering loans up to $10,000. The company is a subsidiary of Enova International, Inc. Net Credit has a creative My RightFit ToolTM to help consumers customize their loan amount and repayment terms.

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How to choose a personal loan company in Waco

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Personal loans in Waco are appealing on many levels: Applying is simple, interest rates are lower than on credit cards and you can pay back the loan over monthslong terms.

Many personal loans also allow you to use the funds as you wish. Borrowers use personal loans in Waco to pay down credit cards and bills, consolidate debt, renovate a home or fund a wedding or vacation.

Consumers get personal loans in Waco from different sources, including online lenders, banks and credit unions.

You’ll come across many different types of personal loans during your search. Each is either secured or unsecured, depending on whether it is backed by collateral, like your car or home.

Secured vs. unsecured loans in Waco

Type of loan Collateral? Benefits
Secured Yes Interest rates are lower; you can borrow larger amounts; easier to qualify
Unsecured No No loss of personal property if you fail to repay

The most common personal loan in Waco is an unsecured loan with fixed monthly payments. To qualify for an unsecured loan, however, you generally need a strong credit score. Your credit score is one of the main factors lenders consider when evaluating your worthiness as a borrower.

Before applying, get your free credit report and make sure the information in it is accurate.

How to get a personal loan in Waco

Depending on the lender, you will apply online, over the phone or in person. Have the following documents ready:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of income (e.g., bank statements, pay stubs)
  • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill, lease agreement)
  • Bank account information

The personal loan company will examine your credit history, income and other factors to determine how much to lend you and what interest rate to charge. If you have bad credit, you have better chances of qualifying at a credit union or certain online lenders. You can also consider ways to improve your score.

Apply at different lenders in Waco to get a personal loan with the most favorable terms. Look at the total cost of the loan, including any application or origination fee. Personal loan companies in Waco are required to disclose all costs associated with the loan before you sign.

Personal Loans Reviews

Personal Loan Pro

Personal Loan Pro is a loan broker that connects you with lenders offering personal loans between $1,000 and $50,000. Its database searches for lenders that offer funding within 24 hours of approval on business days. Some of these lenders include SoFi, Best Egg, Prosper and LendingClub. At the time of publishing, Personal Loan Pro can connect qualifying borrowers to loans with APRs as low as 2.49%.

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Best Egg

Best Egg, an online company, has funded over $7 billion in personal loans. This lender offers from $2,000 - $35,000 in as little as one business day. Check rates in just minutes with no negative effect on your credit score, complete a simple application and customize your loan payment options. Reviewers in Texas give Best Egg five stars and highly recommend the lender to others.

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A personal loan from FreedomPlus comes with one fixed, monthly payment, clear terms and personal service. Apply for up to $40,000 and get a same-day decision. If you’re approved, money is deposited within 3 business days. Customers in Waco praise FreedomPlus for its simple online application and friendly loan consultants.


Credit Direct Loans

Credit Direct’s goal is to get borrowers from application to funding in as little as 48 hours. Personal loans are available up to $40,000. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and the process won’t negatively affect your credit score. Customers appreciate that Credit Direct’s loan agents are happy to provide a free consultation so you choose the right loan.

Credit Direct Loans


NetCredit looks at the broader financial profile, not just credit score, to evaluate applicants for personal loans in Waco. Check your eligibility in just minutes without affecting your credit score, then customize your installment loan and repayment terms. You can get up to $10,000 deposited by the next business day or sooner. Borrowers like NetCredit’s transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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