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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Waco, TX

Oral health care is essential to well-being. To make it easier to visit the dentist for exams, cleanings and treatment, many people purchase dental benefits. Any plan you choose should have the right coverages for your teeth and gums and lower your out-of-pocket costs. We researched the best dental insurance in Waco so you know where to sign up.

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How to choose dental insurance in Waco

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About 3 in 4 Americans have dental benefits, according to the National Association of Dental Plans. A vast majority of these individuals got a plan through their employer or a public program, but millions purchased coverage on the private market.

If you are considering signing up for dental benefits in Waco, you’ll have plenty of choices, including both dental insurance and dental savings plans.

What is the difference between dental insurance and dental savings plans?

Both forms of dental benefits lower your out-of-pocket costs, but that’s where the similarities end.

Dental insurance works similarly to health insurance, with a few exceptions. You pay a monthly premium, and the insurance company contributes financially to the price of services. Dental insurance emphasizes preventive care; policies charge little to nothing for regular checkups and X-rays. Cost-sharing for other services begins after you meet a deductible.

Dental savings plans are not insurance. You pay a monthly or annual fee and get cash savings for services at a network of dentists. There is no claims process; you are responsible for 100 percent of the bill after discounts are applied.

Dental insurance Dental savings plan
Cost-sharing Yes; insurance often pays for all or nearly all of preventive care; for other services you make fixed payments or owe percentage of the cost No; you are responsible for 100% of the cost after discounts are applied
Network of dentists Plans may have strict network requirements, preferred networks or no restrictions Discounts only available from in-network dentists
Deductible Usually; ranges from $50 for an individual to $150 for a family No
Annual benefit maximum Usually; spans from $1,000 to $3,000 No
Waiting period Usually; applies only to nonpreventive services No

Dental insurance in Waco is more expensive than a dental savings plan, but there is variation depending on the type of plan you select. There are three main types of dental insurance plans to consider:

Type Benefits Drawbacks
Preferred provider organization (PPO) Most popular; balances choice of dentist and costs Higher costs for going out of network; waiting periods for certain services
Health maintenance organization (HMO) Least expensive; fixed copayments for services; no deductibles, maximums Limited network of dentists; specialty care requires referral
Indemnity or fee-for-service Choose any provider; no referral necessary for specialty care Most expensive; waiting periods for certain services

How much is dental insurance in Waco?

The cost of dental insurance in Waco depends on your age, the type of plan you pick and how many people you are insuring. When you apply, the insurance company may also ask if you smoke or use tobacco.

Individual dental insurance in Waco usually costs $15 - $40 per month. For a family of four, expect to pay $50 - $150 monthly.

Dental savings plans start around $100 per year for a single enrollee and $150 for a family.

Look at both dental insurance and dental savings plans to figure out which is best for you or your family. Try to forecast dental needs for the year and make an educated guess which plan will be most cost-effective, taking any waiting periods into account.

Ask for a copy of the plan details so you know about exclusions and limitations. If you have a preferred dentist, don’t forget to verify that the office accepts the insurance or savings plan.

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Choose between two dental savings plans in Waco from 1Dental.com and save on every dental visit. There are no restrictions for preexisting conditions and no deductibles or annual maximums. Members also get discounts on orthodontics, cosmetics and even eyewear and contact lenses. Customers like being able to try a plan risk-free for 30 days.



Since 1999, DentalPlans has helped more than 1 million customers save on dental costs. In Waco you can choose from over 20 savings plans that offer discounts of 10 - 60 percent on dental services. There are no limitations for preexisting conditions and no waiting periods. Customers like how DentalPlans.com matches competitor prices and lets members switch plans anytime.



UnitedHealthCare, one of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S., also offers stand-alone dental coverage. After inputting information, you’ll see policy options for all needs and budgets. Plans cover preventive care with no deductible or waiting period and pay for a share of basic and major services. Customers say they feel protected with dental insurance from UnitedHealthcare.