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Cord blood banking lets expectant mothers preserve their umbilical cord blood for stem cell therapy in the future. However, it’s critical to do your research before deciding where to store your potentially lifesaving cord blood. We researched the best cord blood banks in Waco to help you make the right decision for your family’s health.

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  • Cord Blood 2.0® process enables you to preserve up to 2x as many stem cells
  • Umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue banking
  • Screenings exceed FDA regulations for testing and quality control
  • Stem cells are stored in cryo-tanks using vapor nitrogen for protection

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Is cord blood banking worth it?


In 2017, there were over 380,000 babies born in Texas alone — more than 1,000 per day. In Waco specifically, many young families are living in neighborhoods like Hewitt, Lorena and Clifton, which means an influx of pregnancies and expectant parents looking for cord blood banking.

Cord blood banking is a preventative measure that many parents in Waco take to safeguard their family’s health. With cord blood banking, doctors retrieve blood from the umbilical cord and placenta after birth and preserve it for future use. This cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells, which medical professionals use in potentially lifesaving medical treatments.

There are nearly 80 different diseases that cord blood stem cells can treat, including:

  • Blood disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Immune disorders

Cord blood banking pros and cons

Although cord blood banking in Waco has significant benefits, it’s critical to acknowledge the downsides as well.

Pros Cons
Can save lives Private cord blood banking is expensive
Easier to match with patients than bone marrow Not a cure-all
Painless to retrieve May never be needed
New uses might be found in the future No guarantee your stem cell sample is large enough

How is cord blood stored?

You have two options when it comes to umbilical cord blood banking in Waco: private or public cord blood banking.

  • Private cord blood banking in Waco gives you guaranteed access to your cord blood stem cells for years to come, but it is relatively expensive.
  • Public cord blood banking in Waco is a free donation system that allows nationwide access to your donated cord blood via a cord blood registry. You give up any rights to your cord blood, but sick people in need can access them if they are a genetic match.

Public cord blood banks in Waco must submit a Biologics License Application to the Food and Drug Administration because they distribute cord blood to people not related to the donor. Private cord banks do not have to have this license, but they are still required to register with the FDA and comply with surprise inspections.

While not mandatory for either type of cord blood bank in Waco, there are a few accreditations that help set cord blood banks apart in terms of safety standards. Check for certification from:

  • AABB
  • Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy

According to a 2015 Cord Blood Industry Report, cord blood banks with additional accreditations are not significantly more expensive than other banks. This means your search for the best cord blood bank in Waco can focus more on quality than cost.

How much does cord blood banking cost in Waco?

Unless you are donating cord blood to a free public blood bank or cord blood registry in Waco, expect to pay an initial fee of $1,400 - $2,300 for the collection, testing and registration of your cord blood, plus an additional yearly storage rate between $95 - $175.

Many companies also offer options to help cover the cost, including monthly payment plans. Some companies also set up gift registries to help families in need of stem cell therapy cover the costs through donations. Some companies even offer discounts if you have twins or triplets.

Who can use cord blood?

Anyone who is a genetic match can use your cord blood to treat their illnesses, not just your baby and immediate family. Stem cell transplants from cord blood are painless and even match with more people than bone marrow, though the rate of rejection is higher.

It’s worth noting that, even though stem cells might help the treatment of certain genetic disorders, donor parents and children may be unable to utilize their stored stem cells for treatment. This is because the stem cells already contain the same genetic abnormalities causing the illness.

Choosing public cord blood donation in Waco helps save lives. Consider donating to a cord blood registry if you’re unwilling to pay the cost of private cord blood banking.

Cord Blood Banking Company Reviews


Americord is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cord blood banks. Americord uses only FDA-approved cord blood bags and its Cord Blood 2.0 system enables the preservation of up to two times as many stem cells as competitors. Americord’s lab is AABB accredited, and its one-time fee includes retrieval and 20 years of storage with no annual charges or cancellation fees.

Americord Learn More (917) 338-6773