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Find the Best Awnings in Waco, TX

Installing a window or patio awning boosts your property’s energy efficiency and provides relief from the hot Texas sun. We researched the best awning companies in Waco to help you find the right awning for your needs.

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How to choose an awning in Waco


According to the Department of Energy, installing awnings over your windows can reduce heat gain by 65% - 77%. Businesses near Baylor or Brazos are likely to face east toward the Brazos River, meaning window awnings and front door awnings are even more necessary. Patio awnings and deck awnings also provide protection from ultraviolet rays and shade outdoor spaces so you can spend more time outside year-round.

Retractable awnings give home and business owners the ability to adjust their awnings based on weather, increasing longevity and providing more flexible use. Texas experiences a decent amount of wind and rain, so a retractable awning in Waco may be worth the added expense.

Retractable awnings can be controlled in three ways:

  • Manually via hand cranking
  • Remote control via the push of a button
  • Automatically via sensing the sun, wind or passage of time

In Waco, expect to spend $100 - $400 on a window or door awning and $600 - $3,500 on a patio or deck awning. Retractable awnings are usually near the upper end of these price ranges.

Types of awnings

Before you purchase an awning in Waco, you’ll need to decide which style of awning you prefer. Here’s a breakdown of the most common awning materials in Waco:

Material Description
Acrylic Acrylic awnings are an affordable option for Waco residents because they protect against UV rays, humidity and heat. Acrylic awnings resist fading and are typically longer-lasting than other materials.
Vinyl Vinyl awnings are resistant to UV rays, wrinkles, rain and mildew. They are customizable and naturally fire retardant as well.
Natural fabrics Natural fabrics like canvas are highly customizable and attractive while being fairly flexible and affordable. However, canvas can hold rain or snow and sag under the weight.
Metal Aluminum awnings and other metal awnings are extremely durable but expensive and tough to maintain. Metal also retains heat, sometimes making covered areas hotter despite being in the shade.

Awning installation in Waco

Many Waco homeowners install their retractable awnings themselves, and several awning companies offer virtual assistance and step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as possible.

For heavier materials, like metal or aluminum, hiring a professional may be a better option. Plus, the City of Waco mandates that retractable awnings must maintain a harmonious look, so hiring a professional helps ensure your new awning fits city standards.

Awning Company Reviews


SunSetter Awnings is the largest, most experienced awning manufacturer in the nation. Its awnings include custom features, like energy-efficiency components, and come with a five-year limited warranty. Each SunSetter retractable awning is easy to install and includes a 90-day money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t fit your needs.

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